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Building the Scene

Lesson 2 of 5 Concept Art in Unreal Engine 5

In this lesson, you will begin filling out your blockout with 3D assets from various sources. You will also begin setting up lighting and post-processing to take your artwork closer to your creative vision.

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  • Basic Environment Decoration Homework

    Now it's time to take the blockout you created in the previous lesson, and begin replacing some of the basic shapes with imported assets. In this assignment, start with more general things, without getting too bogged down in details. There will be more chances to add in details, lighting, effects and other elements later in the course. 

  • Basic Lighting and Effects Homework

    Begin adding lighting and effects into your scene. Don't worry about implementing these perfectly, as these elements will change as you continue adding and adjusting assets throughout the course. For now you only need a first pass.

    It should be noted that the lighting scheme required by your scene might be vastly different from Ellie's scene. If you need to review the different kinds of lights that can be used in Unreal, visit the included Unreal Engine 5 Basics course (uploaded as Lesson 5 of this course) for pointers. 

  • Set Dressing Homework

    It's time to add in any set dressing elements needed for your scene, excluding only the main hero element. By the end of this homework, your scene should begin looking much closer to what you've envisioned for the project. 

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