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Lesson 1 of 6 VFX in Unreal

From the outset, you will learn by doing. After a few basic crash course videos, you will follow along with Tyler step-by-step as he creates a fire effect. Then as you reach certain milestones, you will break down what you've created to better understand it. This way, you'll be hands-on with Unreal from very early on, rather than spending lots of time memorizing things at the beginning. After you've created all the various effects, you'll learn to set dress your scene and capture it for your portfolio. 

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  • Modern Prometheus

    Create the meshes, materials and particle system needed to build a fire effect in Cascade. 

  • Seeing Double

    Use screen capture software to record your effect from your screen. 

  • Moving Images

    Use the ScreenToGif app to create a short GIF of your scene. 

  • Poetry in Sequence

    Use Unreal's Sequencer to export a video of your scene. Upload this, along with your other captures, to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

  • Pan and Scan

    Create your first tiling texture for panning in your flame effect. Practice breaking down frames in video or GIF reference, and keep an eye out for recurring patterns. 

  • Burning Brush

    Dress your scene with the effects you've created. You can use an Unreal level you already have, or you can use the template scene included with this course. 

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