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Understanding Game Art

Lesson 1 of 5 Stylized Environments in Unreal

To begin, you will cover several of the most important steps relating to any Unreal project. Tyler will show you how to budget your time and effort, identifying exactly which assets need to be created. This will save you from doing any unnecessary work down the line. After this, you will gather references and sculpt the base rock that will be used in your scene. 

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  • Rock and Roll

    Using all the techniques demonstrated so far, sculpt your own rock. Pay attention to the details from each angle. Upload viewport screenshots to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

  • Find Your Starting Point

    Grab as many images as you need to come up with an idea for your scene. Then try to narrow down how you'd create your scene with only 3 or 4 assets by identifying recurring shapes in the reference images. If you have a difficult time deciding on an initial tone, you can use the free Learn Squared Brief Builder App: www.briefbuilder.app

    For extra credit, try challenging yourself by narrowing down assets within more complex scene layouts. 

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