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Golden Styleframe

Lesson 3 in Styleframes

Lesson Information

In this Lesson you'll combine all the skills you've learned throughout the course to create your own styleframe. After coming up with a concept, a major part of the process involves planning out the sequence of shots which will end up on your final board. Then you will compose, light, and render your sequence's most important shot. This will be your Golden Styleframe. 

Frames with Style

Use the Brief Builder to come up with your own concept, and then brainstorm how you will bring that concept to life. After this, create your first Golden Styleframe. 

References can be found here:

Extra Credit

Use the same process to come up with another concept, and turn that into a Golden Styleframe as well. 

Extended Study

Follow along with the final chapter to create a styleframe themed after the video game series Fallout.  


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