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Lighting Principles

Lesson 2 in Styleframes

Lesson Information

Now you will learn to light your scenes in a compelling way. To do this, it's important not just to understand the rules of lighting, but to know when and how to break those rules. In this Lesson, you will learn about the underlying moods caused by different lighting setups, as well as how to achieve them. And of course, you will practice lighting models for yourself in C4D. 


Use the model and texture you finished in the previous Lesson to create at least six single light source renders. Remember to balance your values. After this, create two multiple light source renders.

Extra Credit

Find a new lighting reference and light your model in that style. Changing the color of your lights is another good way to make your scenes even more dynamic. You can also try to arrange your models and camera to create a styleframe using these lighting techniques.

Lighting references can be found here:

Extended Study

Follow along with the final chapter to texture and light a model of Cthulhu. 


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Hi, i'm missing the mentioned TXT file and i can't find some textures used in "Extended Study - Cthuluh Texturing". Especially the roughness map used at arround 10:05. The chineese charactres in the video make it even hader to follow allong sometimes.

Lesson Plan