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Zaoeyo has quickly positioned himself as one of motion graphics' leading artists, working on projects for Marvel, Elastic, OPPO, Tencent, Pause Fest, OFFF, Digital Design Days, and many more. Having worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, and some of the most prominent brands to boot, zaoeyo is someone you should definitely want to learn from.
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Course Overview

Styleframes are an invaluable part of films, games, TV shows, commercials and more, allowing the artist to shape a project's look and feel. Across four in-depth lessons, motion graphics legend zaoeyo has constructed an incredible learning experience for you. Covering the ins and outs of his process in Cinema 4D and Octane Render, you'll learn to quickly create stunning styleframes to tell your stories, pitch your projects, and land bigger jobs with ease and simplicity. We've also included a special bonus lesson, which will help you to turn your styleframes into a beautiful animated sequence!

Lesson Plan

Meet the instructor


Software Used
Cinema 4D, Octane
Optional Software
Adobe After Effects