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Advanced Textures

Lesson 1 in Styleframes

Lesson Information

In this Lesson, you will learn texturing techniques in Octane. Zaoeyo will show you around the software and help you to bring in your model. Next, you'll follow along in creating photorealistic stone and bronze textures for your image. Octane may look complex, but you will see how simple this process can be when approached from the right mindset. 

Stone to Bronze

Use the model and texture resources provided to create an advanced stone texture. Once this is finished, use the methods laid out earlier to change the stone texture to bronze. 

Extra Credit

Find references for another type of texture (silver, paint, plastic, etc.) and then create that texture for your model. You can also try to arrange your models to create a styleframe. 

Extended Study

Follow along with the final chapter to create a texture inspired by the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 


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hey Davide, just right click and select solo node. The only issue is it doesn't work on the specular material type and often doesn't work with the universal type either, so just temporarily switch it to glossy or diffuse to view the node.

Lesson Plan