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Styleframe Board

Lesson 4 in Styleframes

2 hrs & 25 mins of training
Lesson Information

You will begin this Lesson by following along with zaoeyo as he creates his second Golden Styleframe. This will then be used with the work from the previous Lesson to create the rest of the shots. Finally, everything will be collected togther onto a single styleframe board- a great way to present the work to clients or showcase it in a portfolio. 

Assembling the Board

This is where everything comes together. Finish all six of your shots and arrange them onto a final board for presentation. Don't forget to share your completed piece to the Learn Squared site so your classmates and instructor can check it out! 

Extra Credit

Continue making styleframes until you have nine total shots. If you have the know-how, try turning your styleframe shots into an animated sequence. 

Extended Study

Follow along with the final chapter to create a styleframe themed after the film Prometheus.


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