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Designing a Complex Scene

Lesson 4 in Sketching Anything

Lesson Information

Using the skills you've studied in the previous lessons, you'll learn to create a complex environment sketch. Aaron's final demonstration will combine natural elements, and even characters to add scale and life to the scene. Even considering the complexity of the final image, the process remains as simple as ever.


Beginner: Create one imaginary environment with a clean line drawing, drawing inspiration from photo reference, master painters, or modern concept art. Preferably, use multiple sources.

Advanced: Create an imaginary environment using organic elements, architectural elements, and design one specifically unique element for the focal point. Add simple values to your line drawing to separate the elements out to your liking. Adding any vehicles and characters for scale is optional.

Extra Credit

After this Learn Squared course is done: If you stay consistent and sketch a small amount every single day with all the basic principles from this course in mind, you will improve faster than you ever thought possible. Sketch anything.


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I'm eager to finish up this course. Some good points in here for sure.
The sound in the professional mentorship video is coming thru off-sync for me. Hope that it's fixed so I can view/get the most out of it once I'm done with the hw :-)

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