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Understanding Sketching

Lesson 1 of 4 Sketching Anything

Explore several sketching techniques and learn why each can solve a separate design problem. Each sketching style has a unique, yet simple process. You'll also learn the importance of organizing reference material, along with understanding its uses.

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  • Extra Credit

    Show a cross section view or a functional turnaround of your focal point object and show the design in more specific detail.

  • Assignment

    Beginner: Sketch 3 environments of your choosing. You can do studies from photos, come up with your own story or setting, or even sketch an original environment in the style of your favorite movie, show, or game.

    Advanced: Design 3 environments that are all original, only using photo reference as a guide. The skteches don't need to be at full finish, but everything should be clearly represented. Generally this means some "thinking sketches" must be done to figure out the design of the main focal point or any complex object in the scene.

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