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Sketching Natural Environments

Lesson 2 in Sketching Anything

Lesson Information

To sketch a natural environment, you must first see it as a shape, then as form, and finally as texture. By studying these elements, you will learn to combine them into a useful production sketch. Aaron will demonstrate his technique to quickly render any organic subject matter with ease.


Beginner: Sketch 1-5 natural environments featuring mountains/rock, trees/overgrowth, water, clouds, or any combination of these elements. This can be plein air, photography, or completely invented, but the sketches should represent accurate scale and form.

Advanced: Design a minimum of 3 or more invented natural environments, using photo reference or real-life observation as a guide. These can start out as observation of a real and compelling natural space, but then design it out or customize it to be even better if you can!

Extra Credit

In addition to your sketches, do a page of studies that shows objects from your composition in more detail, such as rock studies, tree trunk studies, or even do some more in-depth cloud studies. Your skills will definitely benefit!


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