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Design Principles

Lesson 1 in Narrative Concept Art

Lesson Information

Fear of the blank canvas is a struggle every artist must face along their journey. In the first lesson, Jama will share his most effective design rules to overcome beginner obstacles like this. By exploring abstract methods of painting, Jama will show you how to form and visual strong ideas from scratch.


Daily abstract exercises using abstract texture method (15-30 mins per day)

Extra Credit

Select two or three most successful frames from daily exercises and work them up (2 hours max. per frame)


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This is a great introduction to the course. I’ve got a graphic design background and while I have a pretty good grasp for composition, I’m awful at working with light sources. Always have been. I’m looking forward to finally exploring that a bit more!

*Seeking help downloading lesson files*

Dear Jama, Learnsquared team and all.
Jama, your lesson is very helpful, thankyou. However, I haven`t been able to download lesson files since the day it was uploaded. I`ve tried several solutions including download manager, but it still won`t work. Last week, I did mail the Learsquare team for help, but still no reply so far.

I really hope anyone could help for this :(


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Okay, that lesson was really cool. Thanks Jama. :)
I feel like this course should be the first one, and 3d-Coat course should be the second...
And by the way - this abstract textures could be a nice thing to play around in 3d-coat and height maps...

Hello Shixin, I know the question is for Jama, but maybe I can say something about it, I think, a successful artist should have a balance, yes, today we see beautiful rendered pictures being very popular and this people seems to live doing that, really good, but this is great for Illustration in most cases, in concept art the idea is the more important aspect, but the way you show the idea is really important as well, like jama said, you don't do anything with an idea if you can't comunicate this idea in a really good way, and in this days, the more you practice, the more effective are you at getting good ideas, and good at doing beautiful rendered images, so this is like a way to show your level in some way, but, don't worry too much about million of likes, or million of comments, I did see really good artist, that are working in the industry and living really well, and they didn't have almost comments or likes in their pictures, they just care about making good ideas. And I think, usually if you do a really good work just representating a very good idea, the likes, comments or the most important, jobs, will come to you.


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