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Narrative Concept Art

  • instructor

- Jama Jurabaev

  • apprentice

- Ash Thorp

  • apprentice

- Gerard Dunleavy

Learn to communicate a narrative idea using a variety of simple, yet effective Photoshop and painting techniques. Industry veteran Jama Jurabaev will show students shortcuts to stay focused on the creative aspect of their work rather than the technical.

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Narrative Concept Art

Lesson six was eye-opening; a great opportunity to learn how much we can do in photoshop and how amazing it's 3d tools are. Its never-ending fun to play around and experiment with various new techniques.
For my Robot study, i was inspired by one of my favourite music videos by The Chemical Brothers 'Believe' and used techniques i learned in this and the previous lessons to make a fun art.

Compos using different brushes and techniques. Set timer to 25 mins.

Awesome ideas about how to simplify photos and how to use real locations. Also I didn't pay much attention about vanishing point filters before! It's awesome to keep trying new things.

Since taking this class, I've learned a new program, new processes to do things, and new ways to see. Gonna keep at it!

- Jeany Ngo

Tried 15 min time limit at first but that was to short time for me. Extended to 20 mins. Worked a little longer on a few of the frames. Experimented a lot with creating abstract textures and setting up photoshop as well. Very inspiring course. Will be interesting to look back at this at the end. Started with the 100$ alt. but bought the $200 option halftime. Absoloutly worth it for getting files, insights and recorded examples,

this lesson was a real fight for me, I enjoyed to experiment with each blending mode and was trying to myself further with each of them. I would like to come back to this lesson after finishing the whole course and play a bit more.

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Adobe Photoshop