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Blending Modes

Lesson 5 in Narrative Concept Art

Lesson Information

Blending modes present us with a wonderful opportunity to leave our comfort zone and experiment with happy accidents. Jama will show you how to generate story bits using blending modes in Photoshop to achieve abstract designs.

Homework 1

Create simple frames and use Blending Modes to bring 9-18 thumbnails to a strong read.

Homework 2

Take one of the Frames from one of your 9-18 thumbnails, convert it to line drawing then trace to bring out the shape then refine to a graphic level of finish.


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I was not able to see the top of Jama's screen when he clicks on a 2nd type of gradient option that lets him stack multiple gradients in 1 layer at about 0:50 in blending techniques video, does anybody know what that is? That will be helpful, thanks

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Great course so far, Jama. My only issue is not being able to track down your Tool Presets. On your Lighten chapter, around the 5:25 mark, you mention uploading your tools (or the two you point out, at least).

I've re-downloaded the lesson files multiple times but can't find a nod to Tool Presets anywhere. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.

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