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Brains over Brawn

Lesson 8 in Main Title Design

1 hr & 5 mins of training
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You should always strive to be a part of your client’s brain, and not strictly their hands. To wrap things up, Ash will recap his best practices for managing artist/client relationships. Learn how and why you should carefully present your work to preserve the quality within.


Utilizing the techniques from this lesson, create one (1) website mockup to showcase your work from this course.

Extra Credit

Create two (2) unique website mockups and one (1) client presentation to showcase your work from this course.

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Hi Ash.
I'd love you to speak to the subject of Aspect Ratio.
It's obvious that almoat everything you demonstrate has that wider, cinematic feel, yet so much of what we have to work to is the (much less dramatic) 1080.

When you working on FRAIL for instance, at what point did you lock in the ratio, because that affects the feel of a piece enormously.

Many thanks

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