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Lesson 3

3. A Controlled Experiment

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- Ash Thorp

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- Jama Jurabaev

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- Florian Aupetit

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- Tim Zarki

Let’s dive head-first into a controlled title design experiment. Using a small, predetermined set of reference images, Ash will challenge himself and his students to create a mock sequence based off of a sample logline and film title.



Combining the techniques you've learned so far, create six (6) narrative frames with typography. Limit your imagery to the forty (40) images provided to fit the Controlled Theme.

Extra Credit

Combining the techniques you've learned so far, create twelve (12) narrative frames with typography. Limit your imagery to only twenty (20) of the forty images provided to fit the Controlled Theme.

Student Gallery

I went for a darker, grainy undertone for this sequence, trying to emphasize the isolation of crew on the heroic missions. Going though the photos from the NASA library, I selected some of my own as I really wanted to explore the interiors of the shuttles, and make the crafts themselves feel empty, void and antiquated, like as though they were gathering dust in a museum. I originally wanted to look more closely into the politics behind the missions but felt like it was slowing me down and detracted from my overall goals.
Whilst working on the style frames, I felt they needed to be animated, I was interested in finding ways of transitioning between so many shots in short succession whilst trying to maintain audience attention. I roto'd a bunch of the images for parallax so I could maintain a level of kineticism and to help keep a good pace going throughout the title sequence.

I wanted to play off the 60s and 70s era time period of when this took place. The film stock being shown is meant to emphasize both this and the theme of competition and how the world was watching these historical events happen. I used a more modern typeface to go along with the scientific aspect of the film.

Title sequence in a calm color scheme, using 18 images provided for the lesson to create 12 still frames.

Below are the six images I created with the NASA images provided and the tools solely within Photoshop. It was quite the challenge, but very VERY rewarding to work on this week's assignment. One theme that really played out from my mind map was heroism, which i think came through well in the final images. Enjoy!

Since taking this class, I've learned a new program, new processes to do things, and new ways to see. Gonna keep at it!

- Jeany Ngo

One Small Step - Man's curiosity for the unknown beyond. A title-sequence exploration for a fictional documentary film, exploring the politics, science and heroism of the Apollo missions.

A series of styleframes which tell the story of the race to the moon.

The time of the Apollo missions is a time characterized by contrasts.
The missions unites both hope and fear at the same time.

Hope: To be the first nation who set foot on the lunar surface.
Fear: To loose the moon race against the cold war rival, the Soviet Union.

Against this background, the Apollo mission is turning into a prestigious project, where the scientific aspect becomes more and more irrelevant.

Worked the vertical subject of the theme, I demonstrate this in the intro logo and copy it to the cast and crew text.
Give a small detail to unify and give balance to the images, a small light blue gradient, just pass also the mystery of the space theme.

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Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Bridge
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Font Explorer, Mind Node, Adobe InDesign, Cinema 4D Studio R16, Octane Render, Marvelous Designer