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Main Title Design

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- Ash Thorp

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- Jama Jurabaev

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- Florian Aupetit

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- Tim Zarki

Follow along as award-winning title designer, Ash Thorp, demonstrates how to craft detailed and thoughtful main title designs. Alongside Ash's professional Apprentices, students will learn the core principles of successful titles, and then be challenged to put these concepts to work by creating multiple examples of their own.

Student Gallery

Main Title Design

This Course is a gold mine of informations. Thank you Ash Thorp for sharing your knowledge. I come out greater, with the eyes now wide-open. It was a fantastic adventure, and I can not wait to continue improve my skills by taking other courses.

I decided to put what I learned into a project, It's been 2 years I'm learning after effects. I'm still learning, and I hope this project achieved the standard of production expected.

I'm graduating from College next session, I studie in Web Development, but I learned 3d and composition software on the side by my own. I will send my portfolio in a couple of months, in hope to enter in visuals effects at the University. Screenshots are the design I developped for my portfolio.

Any feedback are appreciated
Again, thank you very much

Final Title Sequence Concept :

While you dive into nothingness, While your mind faint into darkness, your neurons extinguish... your interior is on fire. Your subconscious prepare itself for a long journey, other world open, where will you fall into next ?

Font used: TIPOGRAPH PRO Light

I choose to analize two of my favorite tv series, Mad Men and Vinyl.

I learned a great deal and am happy with the results!

- Zach Ellis

For Lesson 6 homework I chose to make the opening titles for the film 'Zodiac' directed by David FIncher. The software I used to make the 3D symbols was Apple Motion.

For lesson 2's homework I chose to make the title for the comedy film 'Three's A Crowd'.

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Bridge
Optional Software: 
Font Explorer, Mind Node, Adobe InDesign, Cinema 4D Studio R16, Octane Render, Marvelous Designer