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Lesson 2 in Main Title Design

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Choosing a relevant typeface may seem like a simple task, but it can make or break a project entirely. Ash will show you how much thought should go into a decision like this, and begin laying out quick frames with type placement in mind. From here, you will learn to craft a moving story to match the progress made during the previous lesson.

Adopting on of the sample themes provided, created three (3) cast and crew type layouts using one (1) type family.
Extra Credit

Using as many type families as you wish, create at least three (3) cast and crew type layouts for three (3) of your favorite films, games, or television shows.


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The course alone is a great primer for students new to the process of title design. It's definitely a 101 course to guide the student through the process and provide resources, which really helped me to grasp the basics. But where the course really shines is in the Professional Mentorship & Apprenticeship Journey videos provided, where you get to see Ash moving through his process with students. I would like to see Ash work on a real-world project from concept to creation to help further solidify the process in my mind but other than that I think this course is great.

Well. Mixed bag of a review.

First, kudos for the delivery, production value, focus and contemporary-ness. It's rare to find a decent overview of the whole process. The mind-mapping approach is solid and valuable.
I do, however, feel I've been duped somewhat. The "trailer" for your course alludes to so much more content and "making of" than actually appears in the 8 lessons. Particularly on the 3D side. I had to sit through an entire "what is C4D?" that was neither a 101 or an advanced lesson. Information I could've gleaned for free from just about anywhere. Including Maxon themselves. It was not the 3D in action that the trailer seems to promise.

The Typography section was particularly disappointing. You need to check your kerning decisions, I think, before taking the Mentor accolade.

There are some mildly useful tips in the workflow aspects of the process. I'll take another look at Bridge. The suggestion that Pinterest is of little use to a title designer is plain naive though.

If I could sum up the entire course, I would say it is a high-altitude overview of the available tools and a series of watery, generic suggestions to just "keep trying different designs until you find something you like".

We knew that already.

I guess if you're just starting out, then fine. But that';s not how you're selling these classes. They're pitched at the masterclass level. But they're 101 theory and introductions, delivered by a master.

That's different. And not, imho, worth $100.

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