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3D Environments

Lesson 8 in Intro to Environment Painting

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Working in 3D to create foundation for environment painting is quickly becoming industry standard. Follow Maciej’s guidance on how to apply acquired knowledge of 3D in increments to build habit of productivity and create robust illustrating system that is open for iterations.

Apply simple shaders to your previous lesson 3D scene and render two different passes to compose inside of photoshop. Use techniques learnt from throughout the course to create final concept artwork.
Build completely new and complex 3D scene, apply unique shaders and create two renders (textured and with simple grey/white materials). Using techniques learnt in this course, create final realistic concept artwork.


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FINALLY finished the course... didnt have time to do the homework but the information given was invaluable! I was really struggling to find what things I needed to pick up on to get more work like this...I have a very good idea on what that is now. Thank you

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