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Intro to Environment Painting

  • instructor

- Maciej Kuciara

  • apprentice

- Jingna Zhang

Industry-leading senior concept artist Maciej Kuciara will teach you how to construct environment paintings using both 2D and 3D techniques, and how they apply to a modern video games production pipeline. Start with the foundations of art and architecture, and learn video game development pipelines to propel your environment painting skills to the next level.

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Intro to Environment Painting

Hey. My 1st try. Nothing special. I just made 3 deconstrucions. And with scatches i have a lot of problems with making readable shapes so i made as much as I could, choose few to upload here and still keep practising.

Making interesting shapes is super difficult. Need to come back to this assignment.

Learn Squared was and is one of the best learning experiences I've taken.

- David Tilton

Had a lot of trouble drawing curves so I'll keep practicing.

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Cinema 4D, Corona Renderer, PureRef
Optional Software: 
Any 3D Modeling Software, Any 3D Renderer