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Lesson 2 in Intro to Environment Painting

Lesson Information

Building on the foundational skills you learned last lesson, Maciej will explore the wide world of composition. Learn to create environment sketches from scratch.


Option 1 -  Create 2-3 sketches with lines using perspective and composition rules learned from Lesson 1 and 2.

Option 2 - Create a minimum of 10 thumbnail sketches with lines using perspective and composition rules learned from Lesson 1 and 2.


Option 1 - Create minimum of 5 sketches with lines. Redraw the same scenery from 3 different perspective angles using the same composition as in your original sketch.

Option 2 - Create a minimum of 20 thumbnail sketches with lines. Choose 5 thumbnails and draw those in same style as your sketches from Option 1.



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hey guys, do u happen to know what exactly Maciej does to create the traditional feel in this tutorial? I downloaded the files and tried to break it down, saw 3 layers, 1 for exclusiona at 100%, 2nd for screen at 25%, and and hue saturation changed. However I'm not seeing any visual changes from the exclusion, can someone help verify how he creates the paper canvas please? thanks!

i think you do not need to follow the exact same architectural style that are being discussed that week in your homework. those styles serve more for your own knowledge and inspiration to do the homework. Better know something before doing sketches, right? :)

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