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Basic Light and Values

Lesson 3 in Intro to Environment Painting

Lesson Information

Lighting and values are key for rich and informative environment painting. Follow Maciej’s guide to understand lighting theories, surface properties and fundamentals of value used in environment painting.


Option 1
Create 1 mood sketch using techniques explained in the lesson

Option 2
Create 1 sketch using techniques from Lesson 2 and add values to those sketches


Option 1
Create a mood sketch with attention to detail then create same environment but with 
different light direction and make it as close construction wise to the first sketch


Option 2
Using line drawing technique from Lesson 2 create complex environment with architecture. 
Then make 2 iterations of that line drawing / sketch and create two different lighting scenarios by adding values to the sketch.


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These lesson gets better and better everytime! awesome work Maciej I'm really happy that I took your class.

The takeaways was an eye opener for me because I'm working on a game and that happened to me today actually, I liked the piece that I did but it wasn't what the project needed and I felt like it was a waste of time... but now that you said that I understand that it's part of the process and I need to get used to that... any advice or anything we can do to not get attached to our work?.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us =)

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Work on personal projects since noone else but you can discard them. And always think of yourself as professional. Professionals don't get emotional, they deliver expected results. Facebook likes don't pay your bills. Your successful work does :)

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