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Lesson 1 of 4 Environment Design

This first lesson will focus on what you need to create great art. Gaëlle will help you find inspiration, build your brief and gather references. Once you've taken these steps to lay out a creative roadmap, you will begin sketching ideas for your 2D composition. Gaëlle will demonstrate beginner and advanced options for this initial sketching phase, both of which can lead you to an incredible final product. 

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  • Use Your Imagination

    Using the Brief Builder Tool, come up with an idea for your 2D painting. You can either use Gaëlle's own Brief Builder image (included in your lesson files) or visit our free Brief Builder app for a randomly generated brief: www.briefbuilder.app

  • Self-Referential

    Gather references for your painting and create a mood board. Don't worry about using the most high-resolution images at this stage, they're meant more for inspiration. 

  • Experimentation

    Create a few sketches using whichever method you're most comfortable with. Let your creativity run wild, and experiment with different compositions and scenes. Upload your finished sketches to the Learn Squared homework gallery.

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