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Final Presentation

Lesson 4 in Concepting in ZBrush

Lesson Information

Properly presenting your work plays a huge role in its success. In this final lesson, Alex will show you how to render your sculpts quickly and realistically using Keyshot, as well as final compositing techniques in Photoshop. Learn industry-standard best practices for creating pieces to showcase in your portfolio for films and games.


Create your final presentation material. Bring all your assets together, apply materials and light your designs. Create a set of character design sheets. Produce at least one keyframe.

Extra Credit
In addition to the above, to get more worth from your assets:
1. Create a alt character design sheet.
2. Produce two or more extra keyframes.
3. Brand your images.
4. Render animated turnarounds.


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So I have a question, I already made a T pose model, rendered in keyshot and already have my final document for that T pose. Now I want to use my other posed model to make some final renders in different environments. How can I make Keyshot recognize my model and not have to manually assign all materials again with my new model?

Lesson Plan