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Advanced ZBrush

Lesson 3 in Concepting in ZBrush

Lesson Information
Take your sculpt to the next level by employing advanced ZBrush techniques into your workflow. Alex covers his process behind refining a sculpt, and all of the tools necessary to pose your character and bring your work to life. You'll also learn the ins and outs of Marvelous Designer to add an immense layer of detail to your sculpt with realistically simulated clothing and garments.

Finalize your sculpt. Create a low poly base, prepare your A-pose and set morph targets. Create at least one garment in Marvelous Designer and simulate your pose.

Extra Credit
In addition to finalizing your sculpt using the process above, complete one or more of the following:
1. Create two additional poses to import as morph targets.
2. Produce one extra or alternative garment.
3. Add some drama with the Wind Modifier.


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Hi, I'm having a problem. everything is set and ready for me to finally add in the other pose(aside from the Tpose which is already in). I'm trying to import a pose but the "load as morph target" isn't working. the pop up says it's "Incompatible with the current avatar." any suggestions on how this can be solved? I'm new to 3D, so any help will be appreciated.

Lesson Plan