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ZBrush Fundamentals

Lesson 2 in Concepting in ZBrush

Lesson Information

Prepare to take the plunge into the wild, daunting world of ZBrush! Alex will walk you through his entire playbook, covering a range of both basic and advanced tools from start to finish. Learn how to properly navigate ZBrush and make the most of the powerful tools at your disposal by starting your very first character sculpt.

Create a rough sculpt based on your initial design.
Beginner: Create a rough bust sculpt
Advanced: Created a rough full figure sculpt
Extra Credit
In addition to creating your rough sculpt, complete one or more of the following:
1. Dramatically pose your sculpt
2. Model a prop to go with your character
3. Test renders in an external renderer
4. Do paintovers to explore additional ideas

Download Alex's Hotkeys + UI Here!


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Hey Alex,

In the Hard Surface Brushes video I can't seem to be able to "insert meshes" like the cube, sphere, etc. with the ease in which you do in the video. I also loaded your custom UI but the mesh primitives aren't included at the bottom in the UI. I am using ZBrush 4R8. What can I do so I can continue following along in the videos?


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