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Lesson 6 of 6 VFX in Unreal

This bonus lesson will cover Unreal's new Niagara VFX system. Tyler will take you through the interface, showing you how everything relates to what you've learned in Cascade. Then he will help you recreate the particle effects you made in Cascade within this new ecosystem. You'll also explore exciting effects that you wouldn't have been able to achieve in Cascade, thanks to Niagara's advanced feature set. 

NOTE: This lesson is designed to be undertaken after completing the five previous lessons in Cascade. If you skip directly here from the outset, you may be confused unless you're already familiar with the software.

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  • Get Comfortable

    Explore the new interface of Niagara. When you're ready, open Tyler's Niagara example file and fix any warnings or issues that crop up. Use Tyler's example effects to see the connections between Cascade and Niagara. 

  • Step into the Future

    First, recreate any effect of your choosing from the previous five lessons, using the Niagara interface. Then, create a new effect which wouldn't have been possible in Cascade. Finally, upload a video or GIF of your effects to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

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