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Lesson 5 of 6 VFX in Unreal

This lesson will focus on snow in its various forms. You will begin by creating simple snow covering the ground of your scene, and then move into more dynamic moving elements like snow gusts, falling clumps and fluttering snowflakes. Finally, Tyler will demonstrate another dynamic element often used in Unreal scenes: spraying blood, and the way it impacts with surfaces. 

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  • Fresh Powder

    Create a material to cover your objects with snow, with an effect to let it sparkle in the light as you move the camera. 

  • Let It Snow

    Create blowing snow clouds and falling clumps of snow. Once all your snow effects are finished, arrange everything into a polished scene and upload a GIF or video of your work to the Learn Squared homework gallery.

  • That's Gotta Hurt

    Create a spraying blood effect that impacts with the ground. For extra credit, you can try creating more dynamic shapes for your blood splatter. When the effect is finished, integrate it into one of your scenes from the course and upload a video or GIF to the Learn Squared homework gallery.

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