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Design in 3D

Lesson 3 in Vehicle Concept Art

Lesson Information

Now that you're familiar with your 3D software, you'll begin building your vehicle. First you'll block out its shapes using very simple geometry, then you'll fill those shapes in with more and more detail. Now is the time to utilize those InsertMeshes you created in the previous lesson, so keep them in mind when adding details- they can greatly speed up your workflow. Finally you will create a turntable in your 3D software, so you can show off your model from every angle. 

Building Blocks

Before you create your vehicle in full detail, it's important to start with blocking. Lay down the base shapes of your design and make sure everything feels balanced. Solving problems at this stage will save you lots of time going forward. 


Take as much time as you need to fully model your vehicle. Have fun and experiment! After the design is complete, create a turntable and upload it to the Learn Squared site.


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