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Rough Sketching

Lesson 1 in Vehicle Concept Art

57 mins of training
Lesson Information

In this lesson you'll learn the foundations required for the rest of the course. Pablo will take you through the Brief Builder Tool to spark ideas for your vehicles, then you'll build references and start your design. At the end of this lesson, you will have a finished vehicle sketch.

Start With Ideas

Use the Brief Builder to come up with your basic vehicle idea. You will then use this idea throughout the course to create your concept art. 

Inspire Your Designs

Before moving forward, collect 9 references for each of these categories: Shape, Detail, and Movie Examples. You should have 27 references total.


Create six rough vehicle sketches. Don't worry about polish at this stage, but instead focus on giving your vehicles strong shapes.

Extra Credit

Create another three vehicle sketches to really get the ideas flowing.


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Lesson Plan



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