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Project Introduction

Lesson 2 in Substance Designer

Lesson Information

In this Lesson, Daniel will first go over the basics of Marmoset Toolbag. You'll also learn about bit depth, the basics of his workflow, and creating custom 3D geometry. After this, you will begin to texture each area of your scene.

Getting to Know Marmoset

Familiarize yourself with Marmoset by practicing camera movement, changing the colors of your lights, enabling/disabling geometry and more. Make sure to save a copy of your scene before experimenting though!

Extra Credit

Dig deeper into Marmoset features by looking at their included examples.


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I'm having a problem when i select the base color to set it to the floor_ceiling_mtlr it adds a menu to place it on either ambien occulusion, animotorpy, height, normal, base color/diffuse etc, etc this doesn't show up in the video is there something i need to change or do you have any idea? I tried with all the options and the transform isn't showing up in the 3d view of the floor ceiling model.



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It looks like it is previewing your gray diffuse texture in the viewport. If you want to see the height as the diffuse when transforming it into place select the height output and set it to preview as BaseColor/Diffuse in the 3d viewport.

Like Felix, I found that the marmoset toolbag scene has some sort of issue.

When initially opening it, I see the geometry as expected, but upon importing a material, all the duplicated instances of objects in the scene disappear. I can't figure out why, but I'm not very experienced with Marmoset.

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