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Getting Started

Lesson 1 in Substance Designer

Lesson Information

Daniel will begin this Course by covering some of the basics in Substance Designer like UI, camera navigation and window layout. You'll learn about working with nodes, PBR Textures, and how to export your textures. Finally, he will demonstrate how to create sub-graphs and template nodes.

Get to Know Your Tools

Spend 20-30 minutes getting used to working with nodes. Practice adding, deleting, and rewiring nodes.

Extra Credit

Get familiar with the UI and customize it to your liking. It's recommended that beginners not change too many things however, or it will be difficult to follow along with the Course.


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Really like these tutorials in which you do not just say: "Oh this node, when i place it here i get this for my specific project". But actually explain the essential funciotn and how to implement it for all purposes. Thank you for this!

Lesson Plan