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Defining the Painting

Lesson 3 in Paint Like The Masters

Lesson Information

This lesson will be about adding definition to your painting. First, Greg will go through some of the most important detail-oriented subjects, showing the kinds of surfaces you may encounter and how light plays against them. Then you will navigate your painting's background and foreground, adding things in, removing elements that don't serve the theme, and detailing everything in between. 

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

Enhance your painting by adding various light sources, from the largest heavenly glows to the smallest lanterns. Tailor the light to the style of painting you're trying to achieve.

Front Row

Now that you've worked on your background, try adding more details to your foreground. Keep in mind that some of these areas will likely be focal points, and might want to have extra definition. Upload your image to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 


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