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Coloring the Image

Lesson 2 in Paint Like The Masters

Lesson Information

Now that you have a basic outline for your painting, it's time to bring that scene to life. Greg will begin by going over several art fundamentals. Everything from value, shape and mood to different aspects of color and lighting will be crucial in this stage. After you've got a handle on these concepts, you will begin to add color to your painting, placing in extra details as you go.

Tone Control

Create four sketches using only three gray tones. Focus on simplifying shapes, and play around with the different brushes. You may discover a new favorite way of painting! When you're finished, upload your sketches to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

In Living Color

Begin adding color to the sketch you created in Lesson 1. You can use the references you've gathered to pull the image's color palette. This stage is mostly about blocking, so don't worry too much about specific details yet. 

It's the Little Things

Take your image a bit further with extra details. You don't need to fully define anything quite yet, but change any elements that feel missing or placed incorrectly. Upload this image to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 


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