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Focusing on Animation

Lesson 4 in Motion Design

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Time to bring it all home! Learn the basics of Adobe Audition to finesse the audio in your final piece, and import all of your assets from the previous lesson to begin animating. Jorge will finish off the course by doing an extensive demonstration of his process in After Effects, completing his entire motion design piece from scratch.

1. Find the right audio for the piece. Edit it if necessary to fit the animatic, and try different options to see what vibe works best.

2. Create an animatic. Make sure to add all o the important moments and movements in it.

3. Animate and finish your Motion piece. Take the time you need to finish your animation using all the principles we've learned - and make a schedule!

4. Share it with the world!

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Jorge, I'm enjoying the course quite a bit. I'm watching the cleaning up assets phase video where you copying and creating new layers in illustrator. I have short cut for you. You can go to your Layers Palette select the menu, chose Release to layers (sequence). This brakes all your grouped layers in to separate layers under one layer. You pull these sub layers out of their parent, and voila, you know have layers for each shape. This saves a lot of time.

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