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Lesson 4

4. Focusing on Animation

  • instructor

- Jorge R. Canedo

  • apprentice

- Maciej Kuciara

  • apprentice

- Rafael Mayani

Time to bring it all home! Learn the basics of Adobe Audition to finesse the audio in your final piece, and import all of your assets from the previous lesson to begin animating. Jorge will finish off the course by doing an extensive demonstration of his process in After Effects, completing his entire motion design piece from scratch.



1. Find the right audio for the piece. Edit it if necessary to fit the animatic, and try different options to see what vibe works best.

2. Create an animatic. Make sure to add all o the important moments and movements in it.

3. Animate and finish your Motion piece. Take the time you need to finish your animation using all the principles we've learned - and make a schedule!

4. Share it with the world!

Student Gallery

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.
Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.
- Dr. Seuss

Everything hand drawn in Procreate

Final project based on a quote from Cloud Atlas!

Final Project
Thanks to Jorge!

Learn Squared is a place where Masters can become Students, and Students can become Masters.

- BrainchildTV

Can't believe I'm finally uploading this project. Was a struggle getting it done and making constant changes. Feel like more work can still go in, but I'm happy to move forward with other courses and projects. Thanks so much, Jorge. This class was fantastic and I learned so much throughout the journey.

"Primary" is the abstract representation of going back to basics and embracing one's strengths. Through repetition you will eventually find success, this is all based on the following quote by Jim Rohn:
"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals."

With those ideas in mind I set out to design something with the utmost simplicity that relied heavily on animation to bring it life. I thought, "What is more simple than a circle?" and so I challenged myself to see what kind of emotions and story I could tell with just a couple circles. I made "Primary" with the intention to prove that just because you think you are on the right path for one reason or another some things don't always work out. If you don't give up and consistently apply yourself in what ever it is you are doing you will find your way while learning new things. Sometimes you will need to strip everything down to the only the necessities in order to regain your focus and find new direction.

I believe this is a great life lesson that we all can use and one that should be revisited when times are tough. I have learned so much throughout this process and with that I hope you enjoy and find the message relatable!

Music and Sound Design by Sono Sanctus