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Motion Design

  • instructor

- Jorge R. Canedo

  • apprentice

- Maciej Kuciara

  • apprentice

- Rafael Mayani

Follow along as motion designer and director Jorge R. Canedo Estrada (AKA Jr.canest) breaks down his motion design process from start to finish, covering project insights, Jorge's Principles of Motion Design, Photoshop, Illustrator and particularly After Effects to help you create your own animation.

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Motion Design

'I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living ... ' - Dr Seuss

I work as a Graphic Designer, photo retoucher and illustrator I am also a musician. Motion design is where my passions meets.

The first time I was really aware of motion design, is when I saw the intro of the movie seven. The mix with graphics and movie close ups, the Grungy effects, the rhythm of the image and the music, the texture of the video and the texture of the sound and how and you can clearly get the tone of the film before any of the action is shot.

Animation comparison
The one on the left use more the rules of physics. The stretching (or motion blur) of the sphere when it’s faster, it slows down with friction. On the line at the 2nd stage, the ball stays a little bit longer because of the balance and at the end the ball starts slow-fast following the energy of the hammer.

I did a simple animation of a flying front kick, I tought it would be fun to work on gesture.

This is Bee, he's part of a bigger animation, in the next lesson. Stay tuned! :)

1. What got you into motion design?
I'm a graphic designer for 17 years now and recently I started to get restless and wanted to do something else, but what... The thing I love to do the most was animation, but unfortunately we didn't do a lot of animation projects at my job, almost none... and then I realized there are actually jobs in animation, so I might be able to do this all day!!! :D I love how you can make things more interesting by movement and audio and there are so many options and possibilities I’d love to explore.

The piece I choose for this assignment is:
I love everything Onesize makes :) but what attracted me in this one is the way they made the wonderful scenes with fabric, it’s really beautiful and interesting.
It's a commercial for home textiles, but to be honest I didn't get that. While watching it I didn't understand what it was for, the music is very adventurous, the voice of the man is a bit dreamy and he is talking about ‘a journey’ and ‘feeling home’ so at first I thought it might be an add for an airline or traveling, but it wasn’t, apparantly. At the end it shows the brand logo and a pay-off: ‘home is a quest’, but that still didn’t tell me what kind of product they’re selling. So that’s a shame, but all and all, great piece!

2. Compare the example animations and comment on which is superior and why.
The one on the left is better, because it has more natural movement and the timings are better. The way the ball falls and sets things in motion is correct, while the one on the right is totally off.

3. Play around with Adobe Animate! Create and share a 5 second animation:

Learn Squared is an invaluable resource to artists of all skill levels.

- Volen CK

1. The piece that is love is Passe-Temps (Hobby) by Mat Durand.

•In the video, there are some shapes that in the end build a face.
•There are basic shapes with some animated drawing inside. The movement of the shapes is affected by the music.
The audio is made only by sound effects.
• The moment where the animation became special is when the cube starts to transform into different shapes according to the music.
• I think that all the elements fit perfectly together. The story, the music, and the animation create a perfect piece.

2. The left video is superior because it has motion blur and it has more precise speed that follows gravity.