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Lesson 4 in Intro to Matte Painting

Lesson Information
When creating matte paintings, you'll often be asked to completely change the lighting of a scene. While this may seem like a daunting task, Maxx will show you his techniques to do so with relative ease. Using the cityscape created in the previous lesson, you'll learn to do what's called a "day for night," where you'll study the principles of primary and secondary lighting, and add atmospheric and interactive light to your scene.

Transform your city matte painting from the previous lesson into a night scene.

Extra Credit

Try doing a matte painting that isn't a city, and see where you can use lights to give life and scale.

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Hi Maxx,

Could you give us some advice on how to get into a career in matte painting, in terms of how to find work in the industry. I'm sure there must be several resources and job sites online specific to this sector.

Would be great if you could share some links and/or advice on this subject.

Thanks very much,

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