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Lesson 2

2. Photobashing

  • instructor

- Maxx Burman

  • apprentice

- Maxim Zhestkov

  • apprentice

- Adam Swaab

Photobashing gets a bad rap these days, but Maxx is determined to change that. In this lesson, Maxx will show you his advanced techniques for integrating photos from different sources into a single piece, and how to give them a consistent look and feel. Building upon your concept from the previous lesson, use advanced Photoshop techniques to achieve seamless color, atmosphere, and lighting effects to finish your matte painting.



Take your concept from the previous lesson through the processes covered and create a finished matte painting.

Extra Credit

Create 2-3 matte paintings based on concepts or sketches from the previous lesson.

Student Gallery

All comments, feedback and critiques are welcome :)

Decided to create two more images for extra practice to explore the methods and techniques. I also wanted to see what other moods I could establish with lighting, shapes...

Here is my matte painting homework submission. Very please with the result Learned a great deal of skills. Not a perfect piece any CC are welcome

this course really helped me a lot in understanding how Matte painting works and how to better manipulate photos. thanks Maxx, for an awesome lesson!

Learn Squared is a place where Masters can become Students, and Students can become Masters.

- BrainchildTV

Loved this part of the lesson but I feel I need to go over the last few chapters a few times and repeat the exercise. The color correction is confusing for me and I need more practice was quite frustrating but I kind of started getting the hang of it. Also made a mistake choosing low res images. Will have another bash at using one of the other concepts I did for the first lesson and try again. Thanks for the course!

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I can't finish downloading the files from the 2 part. It downloads but then I can't unzip it. Yes I'm a member.

Great Course,Love It!!