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Lesson 2 in Intro to Matte Painting

Lesson Information
Photobashing gets a bad rap these days, but Maxx is determined to change that. In this lesson, Maxx will show you his advanced techniques for integrating photos from different sources into a single piece, and how to give them a consistent look and feel. Building upon your concept from the previous lesson, use advanced Photoshop techniques to achieve seamless color, atmosphere, and lighting effects to finish your matte painting.

Take your concept from the previous lesson through the processes covered and create a finished matte painting.

Extra Credit

Create 2-3 matte paintings based on concepts or sketches from the previous lesson.


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Thanks a lot, really great course! Learned a lot of useful stuff already, i.e. the Blend-If trick was completely new to me. I would like to ask two questions on Color: a) What's your take on 8/16/32-bit color depth? I would figure 8 is best, since image banks provide those anyway, and all those layers and masks could bog down Photoshop otherwise. Or am I wrong? b) When you dialed in those values with Levels, I had to think if using L.a.b. color mode could be helpful here, since you could leave brightness and only work on colors. What is your experience with L.a.b., or not worth it?

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