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Intro to Matte Painting

  • instructor

- Maxx Burman

  • apprentice

- Maxim Zhestkov

  • apprentice

- Adam Swaab

Learn to create breathtaking matte paintings using the same techniques as industry legend Maxx Burman. After studying the compositional foundations of the medium, Maxx will show you his techniques for turning quick concept sketches into production-ready matte paintings with realistic perspective, lighting, and atmosphere. Whether you're an absolute beginner a or seasoned professional, there are a ton of simple, yet advanced techniques covered in this course to take your work to the next level.

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Intro to Matte Painting

Last lesson done ! Thank you for this great course !
You can follow me here :

My homework for this third lesson. Inspired by the seven sisters movie.

A wholistic approach to education.

- Mohammed Thiam

Here is my matte painting homework submission. Very please with the result Learned a great deal of skills. Not a perfect piece any CC are welcome

My idea is someone climbing over and looking down and beyond just to see more gassed wasteland with a glimpse of hope in sight. I found it very enjoyable although the rocks in the foreground are looking flat, this is something I will flesh out in the next lesson.

4 Compositional Sketch and a Black and white concept. The inspired matte painting from Kingdom of Heaven, Lord of the Ring, King Kong in the 70s and Clash of Titan.

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Adobe Photoshop