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Intro to Matte Painting

  • instructor

- Maxx Burman

  • apprentice

- Maxim Zhestkov

  • apprentice

- Adam Swaab

Learn to create breathtaking matte paintings using the same techniques as industry legend Maxx Burman. After studying the compositional foundations of the medium, Maxx will show you his techniques for turning quick concept sketches into production-ready matte paintings with realistic perspective, lighting, and atmosphere. Whether you're an absolute beginner a or seasoned professional, there are a ton of simple, yet advanced techniques covered in this course to take your work to the next level.

Student Gallery

Intro to Matte Painting

A coastal city right before a storm.

Gate to Ancient world

All comments, feedback and critiques are welcome :)

Awesome teachers with great teaching skills. It's not just a class, it's a family.

- Val Germain

Decided to create two more images for extra practice to explore the methods and techniques. I also wanted to see what other moods I could establish with lighting, shapes...

I decided to do a concept for each composition method to explore each idea further. For the symmetry, I edited my initial sketch quite a bit to work more with empty spaces.

Please, any critiques or opinions on which design to move forward with are most appreciated!

Last lesson done ! Thank you for this great course !
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Adobe Photoshop