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After Effects Basics

Lesson 1 in HUD Animation

Lesson Information

The first step on your journey of HUD Animation begins with learning the basics of Adobe After Effects. Ryan will cover all of the tools in his kit for bringing UI/UX animations to life, such as working with assets from other softwares, adding effects, modifying layers and properties, and some introductory animation workflows.


Create an ambient screen animation. Pick a design and add life to it using the techniques discussed in the lesson. Imagine the final product will be looping in the background of a sci-fi movie. Maybe it's the cockpit of a spaceship, or a workstation in a robotics factory.


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First time Learn Squared student and its been fantastic start so far!
Not sure if i can post the question related to Lesson 1. "Replace with the precomp used #times" - not getting a point why its not duplicating layer effects, just putting layers in the precomps. I was thinking that would make it easier if it copies effects as well.

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Do you mean effects you've put on the pre-comp in that layer? If so, that's essentially its own standalone instance. In your case, you'd need to pre-comp the pre-comp, and then use the replace with precomp used #times. Hope that helped.

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