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Final Paintovers

Lesson 6 of 8 Environment Concept Art

In this lesson, you will use photobash and paintover techniques to turn your 3D renders into finished, portfolio-ready pieces of concept art. 

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  • Photobash Prep Homework

    Find a set of strong photobash reference images to use in your paintover, and collect them on a PureRef board.

    For extra credit, use your collected photobash reference to create a simple 2D photobashed painting of your own. Like Pablo's, this practice image should be totally separate from your main project. It's meant as a way to try out the techniques before starting on your environment concept art images.

    Note: You can use the free software PureRef ( to collect the images you find for this assignment. 

  • Hero Background Paintover Homework

    First, choose whichever of your renders you want to become your 'hero' paintover, which is what we'll focus on finishing in this chapter. Then separate that image into different planes and refine the background until it begins to look like your vision for the final painting. Don't worry about midground or foregound yet—we'll get to those next! 

  • Final Hero Shot Paintover Homework

    Refine the midground and foreground of your hero image, and add any photobash elements, lighting, atmosphere or other effects you feel the image needs to be portfolio-ready. For this homework, you only need to work on the hero image. The rest of your paintovers will come later. Best of luck, and have fun! 

  • Remaining Paintovers Homework

    Now it's time to finish your remaining paintovers. You may have fewer pieces to create than Pablo did, or you may have more. However much work is ahead of you, take your time in this stage and enjoy the process. Refine each image until it's fully portfolio-ready!

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