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Set Design

Lesson 3 in Dynamic Concept Art I

Lesson Information

This lesson will focus on designing the sets for your artwork. First you will bring all of your assets into Blender (or the software of your choice) to further refine everything. You’ll optimize the models, add texture, and even further iterate on what you’ve created. Then you’ll begin placing those assets to create a scene. Louis will show you how to create engaging compositions with your assets, sometimes even by using them in ways you didn’t originally intend! After lighting and setting up your camera, you will create render passes to bring into the paintover stage.

So Fine

Prepare your kitbash items in the 3D software of your choice. This involves importing your assets, cleaning them up, texturing, iterating, and finally laying them all out in one easy-to-access place.

Lay Everything Out

Place all your objects into a scene, add light and texture, and find a great camera angle. Then export using whichever render passes you feel you’ll need for the paintover stage.


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