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Lesson 1 in Dynamic Concept Art I

Lesson Information

This lesson is all about coming up with an idea for your project. Louis is going to take you through several ways to spark your creativity. First, he’ll go through his own ideation techniques, personal tastes and other inspirations for his work. Then you’ll do some very quick 2D sketching to get the creative juices flowing. After this, it’ll be easier to steer your project where you want it to go. You’ll build a more detailed plan for your world, and Louis will go over some basic 3D sketching techniques. By the end of this lesson, you will have a set of plans for your project, featuring multiple sketches and descriptions of your concept.

All According to Plan

In this assignment you’ll create a basic plan for your design. First, use the Brief Builder to generate a concept. Then write out some of the essential elements you’ll want to cover. Finally, create 4-8 quick sketches to brainstorm your world.

Get Inspired

Gather references for each aspect of your design. Try to use different kinds of reference together. Louis also likes to add a ‘twist’ category to his references, to create interesting aesthetic combinations in his art.

Second Time’s the Charm

Block out some simple 3D compositions to get a better idea of your design. If interested, you can also generate some unique starting points using AI like Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. Finally, upload all your work from this lesson to the Learn Squared homework gallery.


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