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Asset Design

Lesson 2 in Dynamic Concept Art I

Lesson Information

In this lesson you’ll create all the assets that will populate your concept designs later in the course. You’ll begin by planning out an asset list. Louis will then show his unique 3D sketching workflow, in which he relies on happy accidents to supercharge his creativity. He will show you how to do this in both VR and traditional 3D software. At the end of this lesson, you will have a full set of basic 3D assets, ready to be further refined in the next lesson.

Building the List

Now that you’ve created a plan in the previous lesson, write out a list of the assets you’ll need for your design. Keep in mind that you’ll want various big, medium and small assets. Don’t focus too heavily on only one of those categories. For each asset, gather specific references that will help you define its shape and texture.

Virtual World

If you plan to use VR in this course, spend some time in the software simply getting acquainted with everything. It can be quite disorienting at first, so take your time. If you don’t plan to use VR during the course, you can skip this assignment.

Create Your Elements

For this assignment, create your first 3D asset using your choice of VR or traditional 3D software. Once you have an asset, try iterating on it a bit. Keep things loose, and explore cool shapes and ideas.

Collect Them All

Create the rest of the assets on your list. Don’t worry if you don’t love every one of the assets you’ve made during this stage- you’ll work on them more in the next lesson. Finally, upload images of what you’ve created in this lesson to the Learn Squared homework gallery.


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