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Painting With 3D

Lesson 3 in Concept Art Hacks

Lesson Information

This time, Steve will start by setting up a 3D image using Modo and Octane, giving you tips on all different aspects of his 3D workflow. This will then be rendered and sent to Photoshop for a paintover. This Lesson also includes a special bonus painting in addition to the main piece, offering as many ideas as possible for how to implement this style in your own work. 

3D Paintover

Using the 3D and rendering software of your choice, light the scene graphically to match your original sketch. Paint over the 3D image using the ideas previously discussed.

Extra Credit

Do a few more! This is a process that gets very fast once you’ve streamlined everything.


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There are a few points where you mention avoiding wasting time, and this is of course always an issue, but where specifically in the process would you say time is the most well spent? Where do you feel satisfied about taking your time and being meticulous?

Lesson Plan