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2D Value Painting

Lesson 2 in Concept Art Hacks

Lesson Information

In this Lesson, Steve will focus on purely 2D painting techniques. He will take you through several fundamentals of value, leading directly into creating a value painting based on one of the graphic thumbnails from the previous Lesson. You will learn about integrating 2D references and Mixamo imagery into the painting, and refining everything to feel seamless.

Value Painting

Pick one sketch from Lesson 1 and block in simple values as demonstrated in class. Focus on local values and grouping shapes.

Extra Credit

Enhance the sketch by introducing tools like Mixamo and photo textures. Blend them into your painting by following the same logic of local values and grouping shapes.

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Hi! I have a question :) I finished my sketches, and as I have three final ones, I really like one of them the most. So I wanted to ask, if it's possible for me to push it through this, and further lessons? Are they showing next steps of the process, which would make sense for me to go on with only one project, or different approaches? In which case it's probably better to use different work for each one. I hope it makes sense... :P Thanks!

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