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Lesson 1 in Concept Art Hacks

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In this first Lesson, you will get a tour through Steve's Photoshop setup, his process for collecting and organizing references, and finally his style for sketching graphic thumbnails. These most basic sketches will only use two values: black and white. The goal is to create this preliminary content as quickly as possible, setting the stage for future artwork later in the Course with maximum efficiency.


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So grateful for this course so far. Two questions: 1. Would using View>Flip Horizontal work as a better alternative to Flip Canvas; 2. How was the create color dodge layer shortcut set up? As an action?

Hey Magnus! You can do it by going into your brush settings > shape dynamics > Angle and change the control to rotation.  The other way is to get a wacom art pen, it has a Rotation: 0 - 360°. Hope it helped.

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