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Art Fundamentals

Lesson 1 in Character Illustration

Lesson Information

In this first Lesson, Philipp will show you how to turn the basic building blocks of art into powerful creative decisions. Line, anatomy and lighting all help to convey emotion and meaning in a piece, and you will learn Philipp's particular style of harnessing these elements to fuel his creations. He will then take you through several of his past artworks, to break down exactly what makes them tick. 

Style and Substance

Choose 5 historical or pop culture characters and describe their three most important visual elements. Then choose your 5 favorite artists and define the three most unique aspects of their style. 

Once you have these lists, render of one of the characters you chose in the style of one of the artists you described. Try to limit yourself to three hours or less.

Extra Credit

Design and illustrate a unique element or prop for the character as a still life, focusing on its 3D form and surface material. 


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