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Creative Spark

Lesson 1 in Advanced Matte Painting

Lesson Information

Creating art isn't just about technical skills. If you want to make something that really resonates, you'll need to harness your own personal experiences and inspirations. This lesson will focus on tapping into those innermost artistic sources by putting yourself in a position to be truly creative. You'll learn to fully develop your ideas and gather reference, before creating rough thumbnails and planning your production strategy going forward. By the end of this lesson, you will have a roadmap for the 3D work ahead. 

Memory Lane

Think of a memory or experience that really connected with you. If nothing comes to mind, try going somewhere you've never been before and practice being fully present. Then, find references which capture all the senses of that moment in time. These will form the reference board for the painting you'll create in this course. 

Nailed It

Create 4-8 thumbnail sketches for the painting you want to work on in this course. Try to go outside your comfort zone. Then, upload your thumbnails to the Learn Squared site. 


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Lesson Plan