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Shot Design

Lesson 3 in 3D Sequence Illustration

Lesson Information

In the previous two lessons, you created characters and sets. Now you'll combine these two elements together to set up compelling camera shots. It's important to make sure your framing, lighting, and even set details are serving the overall narrative - don't be afraid to alter geometry if it'll make for a better frame.

World of Color

Research your favorite films and media for shot design examples. Pay particular attention to narrative, lighting and composition. Then create a color script for your sequence, and consider adding a hue change as the sequence progresses.

Point and Shoot

Compose the camera in your scene using the fundamentals discussed in this lesson. Keep the rules of composition in mind to make sure the shot is able to convey your narrative.  

Painting with Light

Light your 3D set using HDRI maps or custom lighting. Pay particular attention to framing your characters and making them easily readable in your scene. Once you have your lighting and materials locked down, render out an image of your scene.


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